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Dental Health


Dental health is one of many topics we cover during our pet exams. Did you know that pets benefit from daily tooth brushing just like we do? It is recommended to brush a pet's teeth to prevent future plaque buildup and reduce the amount of bacteria in the bloodstream. If allowed to build up, these bacteria can cause heart disease and infection. 

At Peticote, we offer free dental exams to all of our current patients to provide you with an estimate for dental procedure costs. After your pets dental is complete, we will give you a dental kit which includes helpful information on cleaning your pets teeth, and some samples of products we like to use. Call today to setup your dental exam appointment!

Dental Healthcare Discount

We like to reward clients who consider dental health a priority for your pet by offering a 10% discount towards a future dental procedure! When your pet has a dental procedure completed, ask for our coupon which must be used within one year of the first dental. This discount is used toward the following procedures:

Dental blood work, pain medications, antibiotics, dental radiographs, professional dental cleaning/scaling/polishing, sedation, and anesthesia time.

This offer can not be combined with any other offers or procedure.