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Laser Therapy


At Peticote, we are using the latest form of laser therapy for many of our cases! It is a drug and surgery free method for treating post surgical pain and many of the conditions we see at the clinic. Laser therapy can be used for joint/hip pain, stifle injuries, ear infections, lick granulomas, mouth pain, and wound treatment. In just one treatment session, pets experience pain and inflammation relief, reduced swelling,  and nerve/cell regeneration used for tissue repair. There are no side effects and laser therapy has been shown to reduce healing time. One session can take less than 5 minutes! Please ask our technicians about how laser therapy can be used for your pet.

Many of our laser therapy pets just love wearing their Doggles! You can scroll through some of our pet's pictures and see how cool they look.

If you would like to learn more about this service, you can visit the Companion Animal Laser Therapy

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Laser Therapy Cases

This album serves to review the laser therapy treatments of our patients!

"Bizly" Kurdyla
"Bizly" Kurdyla

"April" Phillips
"April" Phillips